Submitted Arianwyn O'Donell in Deodar in the 1990s. apparently never registered ?

Now Arianwen ferch Rhydderch, documentation needs to be recreated.

Bartrum, Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts, PB 3[b] (p.82) cites <Arianwen verch Vrychan gwraic Ierwerth hirvlawd ap Tegonwy ap Teon>.

Genuine Welsh name meaning brown (silver?).
Rhydderch is a Welsh masculine given name dated in this spelling to 1564. From the registration of Gwenllian verch Rhydderch Annwyl (March 2010, Middle):
  • Noir Licorne found "... dated to 1564 in Shropshire ( '21 Feb 1564 John ap David ap Rys, of St. Martyns. Goshipps, John ap David ap Howell, Rhydderch ap Eignion & Elnor Hanmer chr." As this citation is from extracted records, not general genealogical information, and is a faithful direct transcription as best we can tell, this documentation is sufficient to support the form Rhydderch as a 16th C form. Therefore, this name is registerable as submitted.
Documentation comes from an email from Arval of the Academy of Saint Gabriel, in respond to the name <Ruaidhri Mac Morgan>. The email suggests <Rhydderch ap Morgan> would be "a fine 16th century Welsh name", based on (suggests Rhydderch is 13th Century), (Rhydderch dated to 1600), and (dated to the 16th Century) (no copies of any of these were provided).

Per bend sinister argent and vert, in bend a winged elephant statant azure and a mulberry branch bendwise sinister Or.