Such names aren't terribly common in Russian, but exist. Unless otherwise noted, all are from Wickenden's Dictionary of Period Russian Names, 3rd Edition.

This list is not complete, dates given are for the earliest variant of the name.

Briukho (belly, c1495 Briukho and Briukhov)
Golova (head, early 1300s Golova)
Lokot' (elbow, 1552 Loktevich)
Noga (leg, 1470 Nogov)
Nos (nose, 12th cent Nosko)
Ochka (eye, 1278 Ocko)
Palets (finger, 1088 for Palitska)
Pekh (foot, 1238 Pezco)
Ruka (hand/arm, c1495 Rukavov)
Ushak (ear, c1455 Oushak)
Zhelud (stomach, c1495 Zheludev)
Zhivota (belly, 850 Sivot)