Medieval Mythbusting - Taking a close look at some common perceptions of the Middle Ages (life expectancy, death in childbirth, climate, names & weirdisms)
Medieval Mortality - the truth about death in the Middle Ages - life expectancy, childhood mortality, childbirth, wounds, and "old age". Warning: math content.
Military Medicine - Was there organized "military medicine" in the Middle Ages? Did only kings and great lords have proper medical care? What medical problems did medieval armies face?

It's Hip to be Square - See how you can dress yourself head to toe with simple rectangular patterns and draft at least one pattern for yourself.

Mysteries of the College of Heralds - the submission process, common pitfalls, and what the new rules mean for the lay person.
Awards of Two Kingdoms- Anplica Fiore of Northshield & Sofya la Rus of Calontir talk about the award structures of their respective kingdoms OR (Gulf Wars) Tell us about your Kingdom’s awards while we compare the award structure of our Kingdoms (Calontir & Northshield).
The SCA Heraldry Wiki - what it is and what you can do with it. Pre-req: Basic computer word processing and search skills, laptop or tablet with internet access if students wish to try it themselves. Class Needs - Since the instructor and, hopefully, the students will be using infernal devices, it would be nice to have a couple of plug-ins in case a battery wears out.

If the class can be put in one of the tents close to Heralds Point, I won't have to move my hot spot to use it.

Medieval Temperments akd Medieval Health Regimen - An introduction to the medieval understanding of personality and its affect on health. Students will take a short quiz to help them identify their medieval personality type.
Natural Philosophy - An overview of the basic scientific knowledge of the Middle Ages from physics to chemistry to biology, and how it made sense at the time (and how much of it still makes sense today).
Slavic Interest Group (SIG) Gathering - an informal gathering of all those interested in Eastern European, Slavic and associated cultures. Bring your questions and something for show-and-tell. Nibbles welcome, too.
Being Rus in these Current Middle Ages - an introduction to various facets of having a complete medieval Russian persona

Medieval Russian Names and Heraldry - Introduction to basic medieval Russian name construction and heraldry.
Medieval Russian Titles and Ranks - An overview of medieval Russian titles and ranks with historical digressions and discussion of SCA alternate titles.

Early Russian Clothing - overview of pre-Muscovite clothing
Easy, Breezy Russian Garb - an introduction to basic Russian garments that are easy to make and suitable for summer heat.
Fancy, Schmancy Russian Garb - the ornamental details you need to take your basic Russian garb to the next level.
Russian Hats and Headresses
Early Russian Arms and Armor - overview of pre-Muscovite weapons and armor

Medieval Russian Icons
Medieval Russian Calligraphy and Illumination - A survey of medieval Russian calligraphy styles and illumination with a demonstration of a classic medieval Russian font adapted to the Latin alphabet.
Medieval Russian Music

Medieval Russian Food - the foods of medieval Russia with ingredients, stoves/ovens, and the "triangulation technique" for research ing plausibly period Russian recipes