Hy-Vee West Meeting Room
17 February 2017
Attending: Johan, Anna, Juliana, William, Berndt, Brigida, Stasi, Gobban, Gwen, Jutte, Sifrid, Sofya

She got a phone call from Vincent about the Known Worlde Fiber Arts Symposium in November 12th in Ames, and they want to know if we want to run the inn. They want a bare minimum lunch break and lots of portable food, to optimize class time. No cooking on-site. They want us to do the budget and take any/all profit. We are in favor, but need more details about refrigeration, outlets, crockpot capability, washing up facilities. At Oak Road Church.

She hasn't heard back from the Charles City person yet. Nor has she heard back from Hampton yet (and she suspects they may not be very interested).
William has info on a Boy Scout Jamboree demo down by Burlington in the fall - mostly archery?

We have money. The food pantry cashed our check. The report balanced the first time.

Fighter Marshal:
No fighter practice due to weather and lack of fighters.

Archery Marshal:
Winter shoot this weekend, practice/warm up by 9:30 am, with guests, so come in garb to Mohawk Archery on the north side of 12th St.

No newsletter until April.

Cancel A&S in March for Gulf Wars. April class will be... William.
Let Stasi know if there's a class at Gulf Wars you really wish you could take and she'll try to go/get notes.
Gida teaches/demos chain mail at tonight's meeting.

Nothing new. We have heraldry and we have names.

Web Minister:
Nothing new until there's more meeting stuff.
Shire Google calendar ID: lhncpfl1s606bs52qhn22pgbt4@group.calendar.google.com
Unofficial Calontir Google calendar ID: Calendar ID: 58kvund2c5kj43duhkh2hlf948@group.calendar.google.com

Upcoming Events:

St. Augustine's Fair 2016
  • August 19-21, contract and deposit already done (William given the copy).
  • Event Steward - William
  • Feast Steward - Gida, every course a different country. Dessert to be a special cookie...
  • Innkeeper - Stasi
  • Archery - Gobban
  • Marzipan Subtleties competition sponsored by Juliana.
  • "The Food of my People" sponsored by Sofya

Gulf Wars
  • William and Juliana planning to go to lots of classes
  • Gida planning to spend too much time at Heralds Point
  • Johan and Anna probably can't make it, Sofya not going either