Hy-Vee West Meeting Room
6 July 2016
Attending: Jutte, Juliana, William, Gwynhwyvar, Gobban, Sifrid, Sofya

Jutte will contact the Kingdom Webminister to get our recurring event renamed St. Augustine's Fair on the on-line Kingdom Calendar.

National Night Out is official - August 2nd, 5-8pm, come to set up at least 30 minutes early

not present
Need check for Equestrian Insurance for event. We vote to authorize the Event Steward, William, to write a personal check to be reimbursed later.

Fighter Marshal:
not present

Archery Marshal:
We have bows and arrows.
The Shire had 7 archers in the Finals of the Hundred Arrows Shoot! William won crossbow.
Gobban won a bow in the Unranked Archer shoot, and a Hugh du Puy chair in the Chair Shoot.

Get articles submitted. Next issue hopefully will be put together this weekend.

not present, next A&S meeting will be event prep and extra business meeting for event expenses

no new issues

Web Minister:
Domain renewal due August 15th - $15.99/yr - have been doing 2 year renewals. Presumably cheaper if longer term. We vote to renew at whatever term looks the most economical since we have to have it anyway.

Shire Google calendar ID: lhncpfl1s606bs52qhn22pgbt4@group.calendar.google.com
Unofficial Calontir Google calendar ID: Calendar ID: 58kvund2c5kj43duhkh2hlf948@group.calendar.google.com

Upcoming Events:

St. Augustine's Fair 2016: "It's all about the food"
  • August 19-21, contract and deposit already done (William given the copy).
  • Event Steward - William, he's looking for a co-autocrat, he's getting the Equestrian Insurance set up
  • Troll and Silent Auction to be run by... Anna?
  • Feast tokens to be beaded rings, likely fancier version for feast tokens.
  • Feast Steward - Gida, every course a different country. Amy and Mary Rose helpers.

  • Innkeeper - Stasi
  • Archery - Gobban MIC, Juliana thrown weapons, William doing children's shoot at noon
  • Marzipan Subtleties competition sponsored by Juliana. "The Food of my People" sponsored by Sofya.
  • Kaie requests new stands for the Saracen Heads. We voted at the last meeting to authorize supplies for William makes some up.
  • Chronicler will beg and plead to get a flyer into the Mews.
  • We're not going to get a dumpster this year, so that will save some expense.
  • William is calling to set up port-a-potties. Jutte has the number.
  • Gobban is getting bales (put them in the caged fighting arena)
  • Zacharia Lochrie will Fighter MIC as long as we make sure we save two seats for feast.
  • Vincent just wants the same as we did for him last year. We think we got him a couple of bags of ice, to the best of our recollection.
  • Esther has confirmed that she'll do Health and Welfare
  • Will ask Izzy if she can do a minimal schedule of Youth Activities. Gwynhwyvar willing to assist.
  • Construction has begun at the Fairgrounds on the new event center in the middle of our campground. Will have to see if they want to increase our rental rate, or exclude us from using that building and reserve the right to rent it to someone else or other annoying issues. William will give the deposit for next year, with the remainder of this years payment to stake our claim.

Fiber Symposium:
  • November 12th. Lunch only. There is a Facebook page for the event now.
  • Need to consider that there will not be a dedicated lunch hour, so we want to make sure the menu is easily portable.
  • Stasi will be our Point of Contact (code for, Inn Steward).
  • Stasi passes around photos of the kitchen facilities - very nice.
  • Runzas (Juliana with a "runza assembly party" at some point)
  • Cock-a-leek-y soup (Gida, with vegetarian option) in bread balls and beef stew.
  • Jutte in charge of bread bowls - little cup-sized balls.
  • William to make bread for the cold plate
  • Cheeses, hardboiled eggs
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Potluck Desert: gingerbread, shrewsberry cakes, animal crackers with frosting, etc. Vincent requests cookies, bars and chocolate.
  • Beverage: water, coffee, Vincent's root beer, hot cider (with penzies mulling spice)
  • Ziplock bags for leftovers.