Hy-Vee West Meeting Room
2 November 2016
Attending: Jutte, Stasi, Juliana, William, Sofya, Gobbán, Anna, Sifrid

Jutte notices that the Shire banner is still looking sad and stained. Options discussed.

No new demos on the near horizon. She's going to contact Hampton in January.
Deodar did the demo at Wartburg on October 15th

We have money.

Fighter Marshal:
Not present

Archery Marshal:
Nothing new.
Winter shoot details pending.

He'd like to get the January newsletter done before February, so please turn in articles as we go so he can get it started.
He notes that he has to share the newsletter with TRM, TRH, the Kingdom Chronicler, etc. so thank you for all the articles.

November meeting - glass engraving/etching with diamond tips. Bring safety glasses if you have them, to protect from the glass dust flying around and on finger tips.
December meeting - cancelled for the Holiday.
January meeting - lucet cording.

Nothing new. Note that we have people who still haven't made heraldic silk banners.

Web Minister:
Nothing new

Shire Google calendar ID: lhncpfl1s606bs52qhn22pgbt4@group.calendar.google.com
Unofficial Calontir Google calendar ID: Calendar ID: 58kvund2c5kj43duhkh2hlf948@group.calendar.google.com

Juliana sent in the background check paperwork to take on the office a week ago.

Upcoming Events:

Fiber Symposium:
November 12th. Lunch only. 11-1pm-ish
There is a Facebook page for the event. Schedule is up.
At least 10 Kingdoms are represented among the instructors...
Runzas (Juliana with a "runza assembly party" at some point) - roughly 48 of each flavor
Juliana - beef, BBQ chicken, and faux-beef (2+ dozen)
Stasi - taco, veggie taco, vegan sausage
In labeled baskets
Thick soup/stew:
2 gallons of each type (?), all gluten-free
Beef and barley
Creamy squash, probably
Jutte to bring her roaster and big crock pot. Stasi to bring one from work.
We will fill cups and lay out on the counter
No crackers
Cheese & sausage platter
Hardboiled eggs (Jutte to make 5 dozen and provide the salt/pepper packets)
Grapes, veggie plate (carrots, celery, etc.)
Juliana has done the energy balls
Gida making shrewsbury cakes and stuffed fig cookies
Anna making nutless death-by-chocolate cookies, get to Stasi on Thu evening (two pans)
Jutte to make some oatmeal cookies (no nuts, a couple of pans)
Hot/cold water,
tea/cider/cocoa packets,
punch/lemonade for a cold beverage?
Brewed coffee
Jutte to bring Splenda packets, Stasi to bring Stevia/sugar packets
We have two party perks available. Stasi to contact Esther about kitchen/equipment sharing change-over
Vincent bringing water coolers
Ziplock bags for leftovers.
Ice cream pails to re-freeze soups.
Coffee cups for beverage and soup, with lids at least for the beverage
Got 100 big tray things so far. And 250 smaller ones. "Strongholder 2-cup carrier".

St. Augustine's Fair 2017 - "It's all about the horses."
August 18-20th
Kaie was concerned because it's immediately before Cattle Raids. But we decide we can still have the horse theme even if the Calontir equestrians aren't sure they want to make it an official Regional Equestrian event.

Potential Kingdom Event:
Crown Tourney (aim for October 2018) in the new building? vs. in the Caged Fighting. Inn, Feast, Youth activities. Gida willing to autocrat. Might need to be careful that the Fairgrounds hasn't started storing RVs yet.
Queen's Prize (September)? Osage?