Hy-Vee West Meeting Room

7 September 2016

Attending: William, Juliana, Jutte, Johan, Anna, Goban, Sifrid, Brigida, Sofya, Thorir, Stasi

Sofya wonders if we want to start setting aside a Sunday afternoon farble/fighter practice time once a month. That way we can start arranging our schedules for it. Maybe 4 pm the Sunday after the meeting so we can finalize the activities.

Got our customized (!) certificate of appreciation for National Night Out.

We have money. Event deposits haven't been made yet, but then receipts haven't been turned in yet.
Note for the future at Troll, family cap does not include "NMS".

Fighter Marshal:
Not many fighters and Johan can't get enough weekends off. Heinrich is still authorized.

Archery Marshal:
We have arrows and bows.

Time to start preparing articles and photos - submit at the end of September please.

next A&S meeting will be Calligraphy

Nothing new.

Web Minister:
Domain renewal done for 3 years for $48.51 (was due by August 15th - $15.99/yr)
While doing that, saw that the hosting was due for renewal also, $84.21/yr. Took the liberty of doing a 3-year renewal for that, too, while in the process - $252.64.
Couldn't see how to cancel the hosting renewal and get a refund and switch to the Kingdom hosting. So will need to be reimbursed for $301.15.

Shire Google calendar ID: lhncpfl1s606bs52qhn22pgbt4@group.calendar.google.com
Unofficial Calontir Google calendar ID: Calendar ID: 58kvund2c5kj43duhkh2hlf948@group.calendar.google.com

Juliana looking into getting background checked to take on the office.
Johan and Anna have the Hill's funoodles in the garage.

Past Event:
St. Augustine's Fair 2016: "It was all about the food"
William and Juliana have the Equestrian Games Stands since Kaie doesn't have a safe place to keep them.
Event lost money - about $300, attendance 62+, 10 children
Feast came in under budget - $425 ! (so profit about $75). 57 people sat feast, 10 of them kids.
Inn brought in...
Silent Auction raised $32.50 for Kingdom General Fund.
We have a spare hammer that Kaie borrowed from somebody...
Keep: parking garage, everybody worked hard
Improve: Johan's attendance
Option for future: Harp can continue to use Feast Hall if they like, esp. if we get to start using the new building for feast.

Upcoming Events:

Fiber Symposium:
November 12th. Lunch only. There is a Facebook page for the event.
No dedicated lunch hour, so we want to make sure the menu is easily portable.
Stasi will be our Point of Contact (code for, Inn Steward).
Stasi passes around photos of the kitchen facilities - very nice.
Runzas (Juliana with a "runza assembly party" at some point)
Cock-a-leek-y soup (Gida, with vegetarian option) in bread balls and beef stew.
Jutte in charge of bread bowls - little cup-sized balls.
William to make bread for the cold plate
Cheeses, hardboiled eggs
Seasonal fruit
Potluck Desert: gingerbread, shrewsberry cakes, animal crackers with frosting, etc. Vincent requests cookies, bars and chocolate.
Beverage: water, coffee, Vincent's root beer, hot cider (with penzies mulling spice)
Ziplock bags for leftovers.
100 tray things for $22 - spot for two cups and nibbles "Strongholder 2-cup carrier". Will aim for 300 of them since can use for future events, too.

St. Augustine's Fair 2017 - "It's all about the horses."
August 18-20th
Kaie was concerned because it's immediately before Cattle Raids, which is the biggest equestrian event of the Calontir year. But we might still draw eastern Calontir and Northshield, etc. So she's going to put out feelers.
At Floyd County Fairgrounds, but will keep our eyes open for other options like Osage, Waverly Boy Scout Camp, etc.

Potential Kingdom Event:
Crown Tourney (aim for October 2018) in the new building? vs. in the Caged Fighting. Inn, Feast, Youth activities. Gida willing to autocrat. Might need to be careful that the Fairgrounds hasn't started storing RVs yet.
Queen's Prize (September)? Osage?