Very Berry Dumplings

24 ounces of berries (I used a bag of frozen strawberries and a bag of frozen blackberries because they were the cheapest)
approx. 1/2 c brown sugar
some water
1 c. or so just-add-water pancake mix
8 oz low-fat/light sour cream
optional - cinnamon, other spices would be nice (I forgot mine at home)

Mix sour cream with 1/4 c brown sugar and set aside to chill.

Heat berries with a little water (1/3 c. ?) until just softened. Add brown sugar to taste. Add more water if necessary to get a soupy consistency. (Probably not necessary.)

Mix pancake mix with just enough water to get a thick, gooey biscuit-like dough. Drop big spoon-fulls into the simmering berries and continue to simmer until the dough balls are cooked.

Serve with the sour cream topping (or over ice cream). Serves up to 16 people if they've already eaten chili and chicken and pasta salad and jambalaya AND are saving room for giant marshmallow s'mores.